Part Nos.Description
100-006 Gas mate coupling socket brass 3/8, 3/8" FPT
100-506 Gas mate plug brass, 3/8" FPT
902-14-142M High Pressure O Ring for 3HK (trichloroethylene)
W3000-143 Rubber Washer "
W3000-146 Rubber Washer "
BVA-2HK Brass Valve for 2HK plug and socket
406 Steel Plug 3/8" HS
3K21C Hydraulic Steel Plug 3HK 3/8" FPT (high press.)
4 BTS Vacuum charging 4BT brass socket assembly for " O.D. process tube
5 BTS Vacuum charging 5BT brass socket assembly for 5/16" O.D. process tube
6 BTS Vacuum charging 6BT brass socket assembly for 3/8" O.D. process tube
902-5-118 Rubber O ring for 4BT tube seal
902-6-118 Rubber O ring for 5BT tube seal
902-7-118 Rubber O ring for 6BT tube seal
906-118 Rubber O ring for 4BT and 5BT seal static
908-118 Rubber O ring for 6BT
914-3 Std. O ring for 2HK plug and socket
Stainless Steel
LL1-S10 Socket 1/8"FPT
LL1-T10 Plug 1/8" MPT
LL1-S11 Socket 1/8" FPT
LL1-T11 Plug 1/8" FPT
LL1-H11 Socket " FPT
LL1-K11 Plug " FPT
LL2-H16 Socket " FPT
LL2-K16 Plug " FPT
LL2-S16 Socket " FPT
LL2-T16 Plug " FPT
LL3-H21 Socket 3/8" FPT
LL3-K21 Plug 3/8" FPT
LL3-S20 Socket 3/8" MPT
LL3-T20 Plug 3/8" MPT
LL4-HP26 Socket " FPT
LL4-KP26 Plug " FPT
LL6-H31 Socket " FPT
LL6-K31 Plug " FPT
LL6-S31 Socket " FPT
LL6-T31 Plug " FPT
LL8-H37 Socket 1" FPT
LL8-K36 Plug 1" FPT
LL8-S37 Socket 1" FPT
LL8-T37 Plug 1" FPT
LL20-HK51 Socket 2" FPT
LL20-HK51 Plug 2" FPT
LL20-H61 Socket 3" FPT
LL20-K61 Plug 3" FPT
Indent Orders
3S-20 Socket 3/8" MPT
8S-35 Socket 1" MPT
8S-36 Socket 1" FPT
B3-T20 Plug 3/8" FPT Plug ST
B3-S21 Socket 3/8" MPT
B2-T15 Plug " MPT
4S-26 Plug
B8-T35 Plug
3H21 Hydraulic Steel Socket 3/8" FPT
3K21VAA Hydraulic steel plug with valve actuator
3K21VB Hydraulic steel valve actuator for plug and socket
8K36 G Gas and hydraulic plug 1" FPT
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