Corghi: An Italian Success Story

Corghi has been the world’s biggest producer of wheel servicing equipment for 50 years. The current product range includes automatic tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifting equipment, technical testing lines, diagnostic instruments and miscellaneous equipment.

Together with its partners, Corghi has the world’s largest, most complete automotive equipment distribution network, covering 137 countries and with subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico and China. Major trading partners are offered access to a protected area of the internet site to place on-line orders for equipment and parts, perform warranty and management procedures and download technical and sales documentation.

In 1994, Corghi became the first company in the sector to obtain ISO9001 Certification, and its full range of wheel servicing products is approved worldwide by the largest automotive groups. With the “Ferrari Workshop Equipment” line, Corghi is especially proud to be the sole supplier of equipment to Ferrari workshops- including the Formula 1 Team- providing its entire range of products. Collaboration with the major tyre manufacturers is close and starts right from the design stage as new tyres are developed.

Serekapty Inc. is the Philippines' exclusive distributor of Corghi products.

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Wheel Balancers

Model EM43 Wheel Balancer
Model EM7040 Wheel Balancer
Model EM8340 Wheel Balancer



Tire Changers

Model A2000 Tire-changer
Model Jolly Tire-changer
Model A2030 Tire-changer


Nitrogen Generator

C&S Nitrogen Generator




SP2000 Bead Presser
PU1500 Pneumatic Power Unit

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